This one turned out to be a full house, with the little PYT kids and their counselors from across the Lehigh River, the PYT older kids in house for rehearsal and a remarkable number of walk-in moms with kids. So, I had about 75 folks to work with.

I pulled up Rosalie, Where are You Going?, taught the parts and then handed it off to various kids who volunteered to take the lead. Seeing that most of these kids were at theater camp, they really stepped and everyone loved it. I asked a sweet little kids Joachim to come up. He’s been to other shows with his mom, and this time he had his grand mom with him. He did it, and his simple little boy mannerisms melted everyone’s heart. It was really support to have a room of people support him like this. Bang!

There was one challenged mom who brought two young boys. They were into the bag right away, before I was ready to involve the rest of the kids. They were both kinetic kids and less apt to listen, sing along. Different strokes for different folks.

I was particularly glad the older tweeners from PYT got involved, but I kind of expected it from a theater group. The counselors also pitched in, many of whom had grown up listening to my music.

I didn’t know what to expect, but it turned out to be a great day in the morning.