I was asked by good friends Fred Gilmartin and Terry Hartzell to sit in with Pipers Request at this friendly Northside pub on Saturday night. Rick Weaver was out of town, so I was glad to fill in. I’m familiar with quite a few of the tunes and I’m comfortable with accompanying the tunes on the fly; in fact, I enjoy the challenge of figuring out the progressions. I did pretty good tonight.

We did two hours and I chimed in with some of my songs, played a mandolin medley on my own, backed up Fred’s songs and Terry’s tunes on the pipes, flute and tin whistle. The empty bar eventually filled up with good folks who took in the music, banter and beer.

The session brought me out of a funk, and restored my sense of self, as it always does. Big thanks to my friends who ask me to accompany them on their journeys as well. Friends and music. Good stuff.