I was asked to participate in a children’s service at Christ Lutheran in Hellertown Sunday morning. I enjoy these events because the elders have as much fun as the kids, and I get to perform for both. Today’s service was sparsely attended by kids, though, but I laid it on for the whole congregation anyway. It still works.

I was asked to do three songs to start off with, but addressed the congregation, saying that I was going to commit blasphemy by asking folks to move up nearer the front. Some actually did, and most of the older folks didn’t. Not surprised, but pleased by those who did. I did A Place in the Choir to begin with, followed with the silly Peanut Butter and Jelly and and then did We Gave Names to the Animals and invited the few kids to come up and play rhythm instruments. There was some great interaction on all three songs.

Bonnie, the substitute piano player, and I worked up Jesus Loves Me and This Little Light of Mine for anthems, and I played mandolin medleys for the offertory instrumental and the postlude. I also did Magic Penny as the ‘kids sermon’. All in all, the congregation enjoyed the music and the banter. I received some nice compliments from various folks as well as some pats on the back for Godfrey Daniels.

Though not overtly Christian in presentation, it was a good celebration of community that would have been better with more kids in attendance. But that’s the way it goes after school is out in the summer.