I had the wonderful opportunity to do a small B’day party for Grayson at a very, very obscure park in a development outside Reading today. Grayson, his mom and his grandmom came to a give back in the spring, another sparsely attended gig, but he was the one having all the fun. I thought it was great that his parents asked me to play for his birthday. He had a great time.

There were about seven little kids, a few older relatives and some parents as well. As we played in this small pavilion on a beautiful day, I mixed it up with the folks, involving the parents, grandmom and the older kids as well. I had foam noses and CDs for the kids and we royally celebrated young Grayson. He listens to my music all the time at home and it is simply great to share his enthusiasm with his circle of friends.

It’s quite localized work but righteous work, none the less. I got a slice of pizza, as well.