I was asked to play for a family bridal event outside of Pottstown this afternoon. I picked this gig up at the St. Peter’s Bakery a couple of months ago. Tom and Meg had a nice gathering at their house in the hills of Coventry and there were adults and kids, the great grandmother and a whole bunch of siblings, husbands, wives, etc.

Though there was a threat of thunderstorms, I set up out on the patio, chatted with Tom and various relatives that descended on this wonderful setting back in the woods. The great grandmother was set up near me, and she had a great time, connecting with all of her kids, grandkids and great grandkids. She shot me some nice glances and comments, and ‘rocked out’ in her own way to Splish Splash. We hit it off.

I played background tunes (which I like to do) on mandolin and guitar while the family spread out on the lawn, in the house, kids ran around outside. I’m glad I could add the sound track.

As the storm neared, I set up inside in the living room, brought out the ubiquitous bag and the kids gathered to make music for the last half hour. Good connections with kids, though some were less interested in the music making and more interested in emptying the bag’s contents, putting shaker eggs in the Boomwhackers, and generally being kid beings. My sponsor Tom had a good time watching his small fry play. I finished up with Tutti Tah, and the kids had a blast.

Family music. …back to Bethlehem for tonight’s show at Godfreys.