Boy, did we have an early gig today! I left Bedlam at 6:15 am for an 8:30 am show in north central Jersey. It was a relatively small school in the hills above Booton and the lads and set up at started on time. It was a good gig and we were done at 9:45 in the morning. Pretty crazy for musicians.

I had had a couple of tough RockRoots the last few gigs and was, frankly, worried about this one. I strained my back during the last one and was quite distracted, with several mental screwups on my part, including the RockRoots Rap at the end. We don’t tour as frequently as we once did, so I don’t have the mindless confidence I once had in the show.

I ran the RockRoots Rap over and over on the way up, and still was missing the last line, but I had recovered the missing links where I had screwed up on the previous gig. Still, I had lingering doubts about this gig.

As it turned out, things flowed wonderfully, the band played well for having little sleep the night before and I nailed all the trouble points that had me worried. I felt good driving back to PA.

I had one very funny ad lib about Nick the Bass Player, saying that he was the only bass player I knew that came out during daylight hours. The band had a good chuckle on that one.