I had a tough Saturday night emotionally, so I looked forward to Godfreys’ Open Mike: for the social opportunity to reconnect with my acoustic friends and to try out two songs in front of a discerning and intelligent audience. I drew a late slot so I had some time to zone in on what I wanted to do. I wanted to nail down Cockburn’s Rocket Launcher, something I’ve been dabbling with recently, and a tune I’ve done back in the bars in the 80’s. I’ve also been working on Stan Rogers’ Giant, a tune I did two weeks ago but wanted to crystalize. I had actually run through these on the Greenway this afternoon. A good practise.

My guitar was in tune and gave me some room to perform without distraction. Rocket Launcher worked marvelously, partly because I had worked on the ending, the lyrics and verses, the dynamics and the attitude to pull it off. It’s tough to sing about extreme political violence and my pacifist instincts. But it worked, better than usual.

I followed with Giant, from Stan Rogers. I had just checked in with Garnet the night before at his show. Brothers of The Road. I came closer to delivering this song as Stan did. I felt it vocally once. I’m on the way. Good power guitar, posited lyrics, good breath for the ending, short and crisp arrangement. A rich learning experience and an opportunity to cook in front of friends that matter. That’s why we do these gigs.

What really worked for me tonight was the control I had with the dynamics and the emotional content of the lyrics. The things I had worked on that morning, a few walking blocks from home, paid off. Bang!

I got some very wonderful responses from people who really matter to me. I really have to keep these folks in mind when I get into these deep blues on a Saturday night.

A stellar open mike with an incredible group of like souls. We guide each other on till the next time.