This is something I’ve wanted to recreate at Godfreys for a while, an acoustic blues jam in the round. It turned out nicely with some new faces, some old faces, but all with acoustic sensibilities – listening first, playing second. It fit the room nicely.

The chat was great, especially the history behind the tunes, the obscure players, the recordings, the regional styles, etc. But what was the best was the sense of kinship in the circle.

One fellow came in late who had been to the electric jams before hand, so I gave him my guitar to play while I gathered another one from upstairs. He had lots of licks but little sense of an acoustic jam. There were times I just wanted to tell him to relax and not play, but he settled in okay.

I got out some of my ‘pulled back’ tunes like It’ll Be Me and False From True along with uptempo ones like Nadine. This jam will give me some tunes to aim for in this blues niche on a monthly basis. It feels good.