I had mixed feelings about returning to the St. Peter’s Village Bakery. It’s been awhile and the last few times were sparse and not-so-financially gainful. But, knowing it was a Friday and folks would be indoors, I was confident it would be a busy night, and, therefore, interesting on several layers.

It’s been awhile since I’ve played a noisy situation, but I balanced that with the knowledge that I had a lot of adult tunes that needed playing. I miss these two and three hour opportunities to just sit and play. I look forward to the summer’s farmers’ market scene because of that.

The new sound system worked well and gave me the freedom to concentrate on the material and the noisy/attentive crowd. I played some adult tunes I haven’t played in awhile, as well as some of the newer songs I’ve been woodshedding recently. Low pressure, but another opportunity to play them in public. I did some good polishing tonight and I am closer to playing them in spotlight conditions.

Time flew by and folks took notice. As I wrapped up my equipment, many of the late crowd (8:30 pm?) stopped and said thanks for the evening. What started as a fairly tipless evening (the first tip was quarters…..) turned out to be 5’s, 10’s and a 20. I was pleasantly surprised when I got home.

I played well in a fairly chaotic situation, got my work in, made some new fans, a few tips, and a cool pizza to go.