I have a strange affinity for my alma mater, Lehigh. I accepted a residence hall mixer in the late afternoon just a block from home. There was a spread of hot dogs, hamburgs and other chomp food in the common room of the hall, so folks cruised through, grazing on the free food while I played some music, talked about my career, my Lehigh days. It was fun but a tough and transient audience. Most folks stayed for half a song and then split, some not at all. I was aware of the situation, but tried to hold my tongue as students drifted through. I was able to capture their attention, but today’s college crowd has the attention span of a gnat.

The folks left at the end turned out to be the organizers who had to be there to clean up. One very bright spot was a woman who owned up to being a singer-songwriter herself, with an EP and some gigs in NYC. I finished up and then asked her to play a song. She did and pulled off a nice tune. I got out my mando and accompanied her.

Lehigh continues to baffle me, though I understand the culture that has existed since I was there 46 years ago as a freshman.