So soon after my good name was restored, I nit-picked on Musikfest’s lack of family programming on Facebook. I checked in with MF to see if they had a spot for my kids’ show, already with my Trio stuff booked. I was told that there would be no musical programming in the kids’ area this year. I had done several mid-week noon gigs with John Christie over the last few years, now moved close by at a large stage, but not in a kids tent situation. We did fairly well, attendance-wise, but no beer sales. Obviously.

So, I posted on FB that there would be no kids music at the festival. Big storm. Though I mentioned that the kids’ area wouldn’t have music, it jumped up a level to no kids’ music for the festival. I really could have been really, really exact, but it was the info I had at the time.

FB raised a ruckus and discussions about MF and its origins, its business model, family mobility, and some general disgust with the now corporate entity. So much so that it got back the Patrick Brogan, the man in charge of booking. We had a chat…..

As it turns out, the kids’ area will have balloons and buskers, and the family music will be spread throughout the festival and its many stages. “A more holistic approach”. Let the kids go see the other music, as well as the kids’ show. Try herding three kids from the car to the gig and have them appreciate music they have no idea about. Really?

Here are some of the pithier comments. Great stuff, friends.

Ok, fine. So let’s dedicate an entirely new stage for children’s music and performances.

Well done Dave. I think they tried to do a slide job and you called them out on it.

They have more Platzes than brains.

So, sounds like the family/children’s performers will be scattered throughout the various venues. Just what a parent with little ones needs– to schlep kids through the drunken masses trying to find the performers they want their kids to enjoy. What an idiotic non-child friendly set up.

It needed to be stirred,Dave.

I was told that they’d have strolling musicians but not having any family bands on stage I.e. There would be no family music stage. I probably screamed “what!!!” Into the phone in a volume best saved for the football stadium.

That sucks. I was hoping that there would be some good kids’ music for me to take my daughter to at Musikfest this year. #ThanksMusikfest

That really is a shame. I’ve taken my kids, and nieces and nephews to enjoy kids’ music at Musikfest, many times. I would have predicted a revival of that genre, not the demise.

In my opinion they’re moving in the wrong direction. They should understand that starting them is an investment in their future.

They’ll put up big screen TV’S eventually. Think of all the money they’ll save not paying performers…..

I guess I didn’t buy enough beer for mine when we would go.

I hope you get that performance set up on Sand Island – more power to you Dave Fry. You’re NOT going to let corporate mentality ruin things.

It was nice to have a “kids stage” so parents had one place to go and not have lug everyone/everything all over looking for kid friendly entertainment. Not happy that they took away the kids stage for rides!

I will have more as I digest this, the phone call from MF, and no family gig for me this year.