Godfrey’s was given a special award for 40 years and it was nice to have Cindy Dinsmore in the house to be part of the delegation, along with Ramona and Dina. The award was given and we cruised the stage. I was the caboose and waved mechanically to the audience. Folks chuckled, but the important thing was having these wonderful ladies carrying on the spirit of the club, and letting the LV music community know we exist. The players know, and I’m proud that Ramona continues to invite the LV musicians and bands to perform on this stage.

I hung out with my kids upstairs, and they were having a good time. I headed down to do an interview with John Moser of the Morning Call. He had asked me to meet up with him for some quotes for his review. When I got there, he said I had said it all in my speech. That’s pretty cool, coming from a music reviewer. I said I will send him the speech and he said that was enough.

While I was chatting with John, the presenter called out my name for the Best Folk solo or band award. Really? I was oblivious to the moment, and was surprised that I had won. I hadn’t even be nominated in the last couple of years. I headed upstairs to join my kids and said, “That’s cool!” Again, I was so proud to have them take all this in.

There were several good music acts during the show, but the best was at the end with my friend Craig Thatcher and his band, finishing up the long afternoon, now evening. They simply knocked it out of the park, and it was extremely cool to have Rosalie and Jaimie see him play. He’s a guitar hero for me and the best in the Valley.

He finished his great set, said thanks, and then did a shout-out to me, congratulating me as his friend. I was taken by surprise and felt myself choke up, sitting along side my son. I had cruised through the event comfortably, navigating thanks and congrats, acceptances on stage, a presentational cane, several parchments and a nice glass note trophy and other meaningful interactions. But Craig’s words knocked me back a few steps.

As folks dispersed, I took Jaimie and Rosalie down to say hello to Craig and his band. It was really important for them to make this connection, too.

It was a deep, deep day of reflections on what I do, who I am in this community, and the support I have as an artist. Damn.