My friend, Fred Gilmartin asked me to play at a family event for a friend of his at a social club on the north side of town. As I checked out the scene, I realized that I know the man being honored as Fred from Working Dog Press, a tremendous supporter of the arts, Godfreys and my efforts with Dave’s Night Out. Fred G. and myself set up to play some tunes and I got out my bag of instruments for the kids. The party kicked into gear.

Many of the folks knew me from my kids’ shows, but the kids started dancing and playing with Fred enjoying the festivities along with the kids. We played for about an hour and I stuck around for some of the buffet leftovers and chat with folks.

Several folks came up and thanked me, mentioned seeing me in the past so I felt quite pleased with my addition to the family event. Even the bartender from the club came up to me and said that he had never seen anyone engage the kids and adults like this in his social club. It was nice to hear from someone who had no idea who I was.

Fred tipped me quite generously and I left feeling good about what I do. All about family.