This was the first of another afterschool program that fell into my lap in December. sponsored by Communities in Schools of the Lehigh Valley. Today is Cleveland School, a school I’ve played in the past when John Christie was a faculty member. I have four visits here over the next month.

The first one is pretty much my intro to the kids so I do the good stuff straight ahead: Peanut Butter, Tutti Tah, Cat Came Back, Bear Hunt, PB&J, Names to the Animals, All Around the Kitchen. It’s good to know I have really good interpersonal material to make contact with each and every kids there. Some are right there, some are nodding out in the back, some are non-committal. It’s a pretty broad spectrum of audience in front of me. I like the challenge.

I notice that I can contain the interaction early on with my humor, songs, guitar work, and other skills, but it comes down to, “It’s Time to Dance”. I leap to All Around the Kitchen for inspiration. I relish this challenge to ride the chaos of movement. the presence of singing, and the moment of defining a dance move and a taking title (ownership) of an individual’s level. It’s a real community moment brewing right in front of me. The flame is bright for all of us.

I drive away fulfilled..