It’s been too long since our last RR, before my hip operation, just in time for the last week of school before the holidays. We got a late request for an assembly last week, and I was glad to get back to work with the band.

It was an ES with about 400 kids. It was a long drive to Westwood and I wanted to get there early enough to check out my new pickup on my mandolin. And, as usual, there were some problems with it. As we were about to start, I had to solve this glitch and then turn around and perform. Nuts.

As we moved into the R&R part of the show, I was thrown by some confusion on my part of the order. Gratefully, Nick and Kevin can spot my mental blips and adapt, which they did, as did I. No one notices, other that we three, but it shook my confidence in remembering the show, something I have taken for granted for so long.

We finished in style and everyone thought it a great show. It was, but I should have been more prepared to deal with a long layoff after my operation. It was a good thing to have happen at the ES level and not at the upcoming MS level. I have some intentionality to work on before Wednesday.