I love playing New Years Eve in the neighborhood, actually downstairs. Tonight was Three Generations of Homegrown Godfreys with Sam Steffen and Dina Hall. It was particularly good tonight.

I opened with a kids’ show at 7 pm with only about four kids and twelve adults. I worry about these things, but I really shouldn’t. I found a way to navigate the situation by playing to the kids first, talking about how and what I do with kids for the adults and finding ways to connect. It turned out to be a really good set. The adults picked up shakers, sang along, interacted and joined in. I was impressed. Even the older brother and sister with mom and dad joined, especially with the kids Thunder Tubing on Giants. Sara doing interpretive dance on Jelly in the Dish, a really good Cat Came Back and We Gave Names to the Animals with lots of back and forth with everyone. I took pains (actually, delight) to make eye and finger contact with everyone, even the 20-somethings among the adults.

Sometimes I surprise myself. It was a rich pallet for the kids’ show.