It was another stellar Dave’s Night Out tonight with Andy Killcoyne and Jack Murray, two friends who hold weekly acoustic jams in the area. That was the focus tonight and it was a good evening, as I expected it to be. We passed around some tunes and played leads on each other’s songs, but the best part continues to be the dialogue that happens between the folks on stage with each other, as well as with the audience.

The common element was community and providing a space for the pros to come and play, but still give room to the new players to perform and grow. I also commented that folks like Jack, Andy and myself are examples of people who commit to making these rare events happen in our own communities. I think that was the undercurrent of the whole night.

I am lucky to have a venue like Godfreys to experiment with a radical format like DNO and a wealth of good friends and artists who show up on stage to help me with it. It still is not a big draw, partly because of the weekday night and partly because of the uniqueness of the evening. Those who attend, and especially those who perform with me on stage, realize that something very special is going on.