I’ve been asked to do a series of afterschool programs in Allentown for an organization called Community in Schools of the Lehigh Valley. Today was at Washington School in the center of Allentown and about 20 kids from 4th – 6th grade gathered in the gym with me, along with two adults. I think I took them by surprise.

The kids had a great time and warmed up immediately. One of the proctors couldn’t help but chuckle and laugh at the material and the kids’ reactions. After a while, the principal stopped in for some songs and ended up dancing with the kids at the end. Perhaps these gigs might encourage the schools to have me back for a full-school assembly, though I’m sure the pay scale is not up to that of suburban schools.

The school assembly circuit has really fallen off for some obvious reasons, tight money, testing, etc., but it seems that some money is available for these afterschool programs. The pay is okay, and the fact that I have twelve of them lined up, it turns out to be a good pay check over all. Interesting work.