This was an open house / fall festival at this historic site in Catasauqua, home of George Taylor, a signer of the Declaration of Independance. The event was rescheduled from a Saturday several weeks ago due to some very lousy weather. It was sparse attendance, but with the sun, a better performing opportunity.

I went without the sound system and that was a good thing. I set up in front of the performance tent and a family of four were all set for me before I even started. Unfortunately, they were my only audience for me set. It was a riot.

The only child was a precocious girl who seemed somewhat ADD who, when engaged, came up with some amazing flights of imagination. I fed into that and the five of us had a spectacular time. I was able to play off of her and to the adults who were quite spontaneous on their own. Together, there were many quite hilarious moments that provided us all with an hour of entertainment and connection.

It’s amazing that some quality theater arises out of these very small interactions.

The good news is that the folks from the historical society liked what I did and are also interested in perhaps presenting my mom’s art work at the house. Great!!