I returned to the Centennial Stage for another set next to the antiques exhibit. There were some very familiar faces in the crowd, including a former Lehigh professor and two identical twins, Amy and Alena who were at the show last year. They were primed and ready and wanted to do Giants with me. I knew this would be my ace in the hole and counted on bringing them up for the middle of the set.

It was a very nice audience and it was a pleasant surprise that folks came out to see me. This core of fans made it easy to play off them and engage the others who just happened to stop by and gather them into the show. That’s what happened today.

The Giants tune was great and I invited another young girl up to play rainstick. I could see she was disappointed that she couldn’t do the Thunder Tubes but the rainstick had a pretty good place in the arrangement and turned out better than I had originally thought. And, isn’t that the way things happen?

I sold a bunch of CDs including two to a grandmother. I asked who should I sign them to, and she motioned to a very young lad in a stroller. She said he had a great time. I turned and waved to him and he just came alive and joyously waved back to me. The kid was tuned in. One of those magical moments that make it all worth it.

Again, this is a freebee gig but the situation is simply fascinating as a performance exercise.

I’ll be back on Monday for my final set at The Great Allentown Fair.