Sheesh. I had my monthly session scheduled for Shankara on Sunday. As I pulled up about 20 minutes ahead of time, I noticed some younger folks waiting outside with a guitar. Hmmm. Smells like a double booking.

I checked in with Wendy, the chef and she didn’t know. It seems Bill, who has often booked some new players for this brunch, didn’t let these kids know. I offered to split the gig and I would play from 11 am til noon, and they could finish it up. It turned out to be a good thing, with my voice under a mild cough condition.

The young folks really didn’t stick around to hear my first set, not surprising and I ended up playing for one couple, obviously in love. I played for them, chatted some and left me with a $5 tip. I felt the love.

I packed up, got my tofu surprise as pay and head out into the Sunday afternoon. I didn’t stay for them either. Hypocrite.