Unsettled weather today, and so were the kids.

I brought my purple electric guitar, but the batteries faded on my portable amp. Darn. Ramona graciously brought my acoustic from a block away. I could carry on.

We worked Down by the Bay and came up with ‘ a unicorn with a bellyful of popcorn’. It was especially nice since one of the smallest, youngest girls came up with the suggestion. It was the first time I got to see her step up among the older kids in this group. Bingo!

There was a smaller set of kids for the older session. Again, the guys were scattered but the girls engaged. We worked on our song, movements, sign language and more, adding some individual movements in spotlight moments. Good theatrical work. I love these opportunities.

We added some Down By the Bay verses: Majestic cockatoo wearing a magic tutu, and Otter floating in hotter water, and a Lemur who was a meaner…..tba.

Another good session in my neighborhood school.