We had a long haul to northern NJ for a 10:30 am show at a special needs school. Originally it was to be for 150 kids but, due to a snafu, most of the school headed out for a field trip leaving us about 25 kids with their teachers. We set up in the gym and I had wanted to do it stripped down and acoustic, but Steve and Nick did need their amps, so we set up one speaker, Kevin did a stripped down kit (including his bass drum still in its case) and sat down for the show. It worked out surprisingly well.

These kids were wheel-chair bound or had some physical disabilities that prevented them from getting on the bus for the field trip. The kids actually had been studying the history of R&R and the music teacher said at the end that we nailed it. The kids that could got up and moved around with their teachers, and the others were wheeled around to the music. Great smiles.

I was glad I have my bag of instruments. I passed them out to the kids and teachers from the beginning, to the delight of the administrators and teachers and kids. I also passed out my bag of sunglasses for I Like Peanut Butter, since they couldn’t come up ‘on stage’, they performed where they were. It was a great sight to see everyone in the audience putting on the style.

We also had the opportunity to stretch some of the songs later on in the show, when folks were up and dancing and wheeling. The band got the cues like the pros they are and we played to the energy in the room.

These are gratifying show for us in many ways, just as I’m sure the school appreciates our effort as well. A very nice gig, even with the three hours of time on the road.

We have our annual visit to a big facility in Mays Landing next week. This one has over 300 kids of all ages along with 100 faculty.