I was looking forward to a library gig. These usually bring out intelligent and curious adult crowds so I was planning on featuring a lot of my ‘mature’ material. And, as I waited for show time, the elder crowd took their seats. But, as I started in, more and more families filtered in, the kids sat on the carpet up front and I had to adjust my repertoire. I really don’t mind doing the family stuff since it’s strong entertaining material anyway and there is enough ‘asides’ to appeal to the older folks. Also, it’s a dog and pony show as the older folks love to watch the kids dance, laugh and play. I like to engage the kids in conversations that always take off in interesting directions that are engaging for everyone.

It was a good crowd in spite of a mid-summer Friday night so I hope to return again. I sold some CDs to the families, as well as a couple of my Pearls CD (my ‘adult’ one).

I am proud that I can do these mixed audiences with the confidence that I can negotiate the age differences and embrace the commonalities that folk music provides.