I had an early slot at the Blueberry Festival at 11:30 am. Not too many folks around, and very few kids and families. So I launched into some adult material, July, Vegetable Song, etc.

The high light came when I decided to do Giants without any kids to call up on stage. I called on a couple that looked vaguely familiar and they were game to try it out. They ended up doing the Bigs and Bads and the ThunderTubes with gusto. It was a treat to have them have a good time with me. As they left the stage, they said it was their anniversary, and we all thought that was a cool way to celebrate. They had someone video it from the audience as well.

I finished up with Pay Bo Diddley and during that tune, all of a sudden their were kids coming up and grabbing tambourines, etc. Just in time for the end of the set. The jazz band that followed me said they enjoyed the set, and the few familiar faces in the crowd did too. But, it remains frustrating to have next to no draw at these festivals.

I’m back tomorrow at an even earlier 10:30 am slot, then off to Reading for a nice afternoon family concert.