We headed out at 6:30 for a single assembly at a K-4 school in central NJ in Verona. I like doing the once and done shows, even if it involves a long drive to and from the gig.

Today’s show was in an old school auditorium with the seats dating from the 30’s. These venues are acoustically fun to play, the sound is good and the proscenium is classic staging.

The kids were really fun on this one, in fact, they over-reacted when I asked for volunteers for the Celtic step dance. About 10 kids came up after I asked for those who have taken lessons in this dance style. Didn’t matter. They all just jumped up and down, wiggled their feet. It was good theater, if not fine art. That’s okay.

I wish I had a camera going at the end of our show when the teachers and kids are all up dancing. The energy is great. (There are restrictions on taking photos and video with out parental permission) I hit the road back home at 10:15 and landed in Bethlehem at 11:30. A day’s work done.