A very slow day at the Sunday Brunch. In fact, I played for one couple, Wendy, the cook and Sam, the waitress…. and, of course, me.

I played well, tried some of my slower songs, found places I could improve and ended after an hour and a half, with no one in the place.

I have no real following for my adult material though it is as strong as ever. The best I can do is to play and sing each song as best as I can, perform it as if it matters. Both Wendy and Sam appreciated the tunes and the couple left me a $10 tip (which I split with Sam).

It was a beautiful Sunday and folks certainly had better things to do than brunch with vegan food and Dave Fry music. I don’t even mind doing it for tips and a good meal, but even folks on FaceBook who say they will attend, frankly, don’t. That’s not surprising either.