I returned to this pleasant school in north Bucks Co., one I had played at over 6 years ago. I also had played several schools in the district over the years, including Bridgeton ES, a sweet school that was closed up by the district, as well the Durham School. I actually played the last school day of Durham’s existence perhaps 25 years ago.

I told the gym teacher (who remembered me from Springfield School in the district) that I had closed down more schools than bars. And I’ve played several last nights in those.

The teacher who got me this gig knew me from Bridgeton where I had also done some songwriting residencies. I’m hoping that DN will ask me back next year for one. I did several songs using kids’ lyrics, so I hope they got the message. The principal had never seen me before but had heard good things. If they don’t have an author residency, they’ll book me.

The energy was great and the kids and teachers had a good time. I love watching the teachers reactions to the songs, the kids’ dancing and my humorous asides. I play to them as well.

A good start for this doubleheader day. I head off over the Delaware River through some beautiful countryside before I get on the main turnpike to Nutley, NJ for my afternoon sets with RockRoots.