Wednesday was my birthday and it was appropriate for me to play for my kids at the Village School for my monthly visit. We are working towards a graduation ceremony in a few weeks, so we had some things to do, singing Magic Penny and dancing Around and Around the Village. We had some time to play with some older favorites including Spider on the Floor, Down By the Bay and a few others. I was pleasantly surprised that they had some recall of what we did several months before.

We then went upstairs to the space where they will ‘perform’ for their parents and grandparents with the circle dance we’ve been working on. They were still fairly scattered, but had some success in the moves. I cautioned the teachers that the parents won’t be looking for a perfect performance, that the process is as important as the final product.

We finished by reviewing the songs that we did this afternoon. Always a good way to finish the session for all of us.

It was an hour of good play and some work. As usual, the time disappears when I’m in this zone, playing with the kids.

Back to home and hours of Face Book birthday wishes (477) that I took in as best I could til I could take no more.