It was a long, long day for three shows at a large ES in northern NJ. I split at 6:15 am and first show at 9:30. The kids were really responsive throughout the day, with each a full mix of pre-K through 5th grade. The tough part of these shows is the long break between the morning shows and the afternoon show. It’s hard to crank it up for the last show and I was feeling it for the 1 pm show.

One teacher, a gentleman who had chatted about attending a Jam festival in Ohio over the weekend, commented on leaving the show with his kids, “Where’s the progressive rock, heavy metal, etc.?” Granted, the show is heavy on older music styles, but I would have replied those styles would be lost on elementary students. Indeed, we are called RockRoots with the emphasis on Roots. It’s not for the teachers, though they have a great time. I thought he missed the point of the show. Too bad.

It was another two hour trip back to the Lehigh Valley, arriving at 4 pm. Long, long day, especially after a busy weekend of performing.