I recognized that I was fairly whipped after the double-header today, but signed up for the Open Mike, especially since it was relatively sparse tonight.
I did my Black Jack County Chain medley with the Jerusalem Ridge instrumental in between. I got past the first verse, found the second verse gone (that’s when I knew I was tired) and managed to finish the song, admitting that I had screwed up the second verse. Same ending, though, the guy was killed regardless

I talked about tunes I don’t get to do for kids and that led me to do If Youse a Viper, from the great marijuana canon of songs. Again, I think I picked the wrong key, but pulled it off. sheesh. I finished with Smokin’ Babies which I managed to lay down fairly well.

Folks liked the set, and though it was strong, it was not as good as I would have liked. Sloppy for me but indicative of a long day after a long weekend of music, graduation ceremony and, frankly, awkward family situations on Saturday. Enough.