It was another long drive to East NJ, near da shore, in Brick. We had a single afternoon assembly, the day before spring vacation for this school. It was singular in that we test-flew a new guitarist Steve. It was a good situation for him and us, a small elementary school far from home.

Steve had been schooled about the gig from a mp3 of gig this fall, talking it through with the band and Kevin’s leading him through the actual gig from the drums. It made it possible for me to keep my attention on my job – the show, the audience interaction, etc. Good for that, for I’m easily distracted. I tend to comment on things when I scramble for the show thread.

Anyway, we did fine with some very, very minor pick-ups by Steve. It was the first time he experienced the live show. I’m lucky that the show is so solid that we can do it in front of 225 teachers and kids, and no one know the difference. That’s cool.

Lots of traffic headed home though. 4 hours on the road.