I rustled up a school gig from a friend and former Touchstone colleague Jennie Kilrain who teaches at Freemansburg ES. I was asked to shake the kids up before weeks of test-taking. I said, I can do that.

So, a Friday afternoon assembly in the gym for about 350 kids and 30 teachers, K – 5. I was feeling somewhat tired and hip- sore, but I decided to do the stand up and let it roll attitude. It’s what was necessary for a large audience. I hadn’t done one in while, but I did my good stuff: I Like Peanut Butter, Tooti Tah, Cat Came Back, PB and J, Giants, I Wanna be a Dog. I wanted to finish with some dancing so we did Keep a Knocking and finished with All Around the Kitchen, with additional dance moves supplied by two sets of kids, and then a set from three teachers I called up. The teachers came up with the Macarena, the Hitchhike and the Pulp Fiction moves, all cool. Interestingly enough, while every one was up and working on the teachers’ moves, the janitors were mopping up front after a kindergartner had an ‘accident’. So I added, do the Mop to the three moves. It was a nice recognition of the situation, and became part of the show.

I finally got paid well for this one, and its was a welcome change from the past few month’s worth of minimal pay days. I could do this for a living, you know.