The 5th Sunday rolls around and it is time for Vintage Open Mike. Originally meant to bring out the Open Mikers we haven’t seen in a while, it simply means I get to host, since I’m vintage.

I started out with Jesse Winchester’s Rhumba Man, a tune suggested by Mike Holliday months ago. I’ve been practicing it fairly regularly and have attempted it in some low pressure situations, so I decided to give it a try in front of people who know the difference. I went really well and the signature guitar lick was strong, as it needs to be. The arrangement was tight and it got a good reaction.

I followed with If I had a Rocket Launcher from Bruce Cockburn, a tune I used to play back in bars in the 80’s. It’s a fairly explicit anti-war song that takes the position of the indigenous country folk who get caught in CIA overthrows in Central America, and, yes, even now in the Middle East. I did really well tonight, with good dynamics and strong guitar. It’s not often I get to play such radical music, but it was a game-changer for me back in the day. It still rings true.

I was the MC. There were about 18 folks, and each performer with a two song set was really good. Folks stepped up with the material and the performance, too (what I look for). I am always heartened by how far folks have come and continue to get better with each Open Mike. Dina, Bill, Sam, Mance, Mike and more. Amazing.

I finished the night with It’ll Be Me, a tune I haven’t done in a while. Short and sweet. Good night.