I was looking forward to my return to the Saint Peters Bakery gig, though not a money-maker (tips and great food, hip audience and two hours of play), it is a good gig. It’s an hour plus drive south, and a not-unpleasant one. I drove past the shop and saw no parking so I looped around up the very narrow street. As I pulled up to unload, there I saw a band set up in the window area where I was going to play. Hmmm….

I took the hint and drove back the hour plus. It was a mix up with the person who booked it, the venue, and eventually me. This is the problem with a middle booker. Something got lost in the communication, and I probably missed it.

Two and a half hours on the road, and thank goodness, gas is cheap. Still, I miss the opportunity to play for new folks in a friendly joint, and the chance to play, period.

It’s a deadly February for gigs.