What a fine evening tonight with a round-robin of myself, Sam Steffen and Ed McKendry. Everyone stepped up with great songs. I started with Barnyard Dance and passed it on to Sam for two song, then to Ed for two songs. Both Sam and Ed have really good original songs, each with different skills and approaches. And the crowd was spellbound by all the material they offered. 


Through the course of the night I did some new material including Rumba Man, Nadine, Golden Bird, Luckiest Man, Edge of Night, Lessons from Pete. Several friends said after the show that my voice is really honed in on the songs, that I’m being lyrical in the delivery. I can feel my presentation getting better, so its nice to have some confirmation from folks that matter. 


I did It’ll Be Me, introduced it as a blues and handed out shades to Sam and Ed and myself. It was some fine theater, indeed. We all made blues faces at the appropriate places, and the audience dug it. Cheap theatrics work every time. 


Again, I am proud and heartened with the quality of these collaborations on stage here. I get to sit in the middle and take it all in. You can feel the energy in the audience and how that translates to the performers on stage. Frankly, it happens more often than not, and its part of the magic of Godfrey’s.