It’s pretty amazing how the school show have dropped off this year, and particularly this month. No RockRoots and very few solo shows. So I have time to anticipate my cafe shows at Touchstone. They are welcome slots in my calender and it was fortuitous that I picked them up this season. 


Tonight was a low key affair with some early theater patrons stopping by, and it was fun. Always a good chance to chat with the folks, play my hits for a few tips. The former mayor of Bethlehem, John Callahan stopped over to say hello. He’s doing the guest set tonight, looking resplendent in his Christmas sweater. 


The place empties out about quarter to show time, so I did my rendition of Cry of a Tiny Babe and an other Bruce Cockburn instrumental to an empty room just to center myself. 


I packed up and got in the car, phoned my daughter Rosalie who will be coming to town next week for a visit. This has been a tough holiday season so far, with few gigs and too much time on my hands. The music is the reason for the season for me.