I recovered from my afternoon nap and made it downstairs for my sound check for the 7 pm family show. There were reservations (yay!) and we had nice crowd of 30 folks or so. The kids were interactive, asked for songs I knew. I Wanna Be a Dog, Down by the Bay, I’m Gonna Tell, PB & J, and other older favorites. Towards the end, there was one precocious lad who was dancing to everything. He was a great foil and other folks loved his joy and expressions.


I thought we should do a “Happy New Year” together, and, witnessing his physicality, I asked him to show me his ‘fireworks’. He did a great leap and noise, so I asked him up on stage to do it with me. I then realized that the other kids could come up as well and display their own ‘fireworks’. So, we counted down and the kids did a great job of sound effects, movements that lasted quite a while. It was great theater. I’m glad I trust my instincts on these things. 


It was a solid set and a welcome difference from the afternoon’s rather chaotic sets at Peeps Fest. 


I took a short breather to come back for the Three Generations part of the evening. Good compliments from all.