I’ve been battling some holiday blues this season, missing the family joys I’ve had for the first 60 years of my life, but now spending too much time alone in the last three years. That’s why I treasure the opportunities to sing together during the Christmas season with other families and friends.


This afternoon was my annual Carol Sing at Godfrey’s, essentially in my living room here on the SouthSide. As it started out, it was myself, Sara and her uncle Dave. As Sara said, “How come there’s nobody else here?” The thought crossed my mind, Sara. Eventually, a young girl and her grandparents stopped in, so there was the six of us, plus Bill, the sound guy. 


It was disheartening, to say the least, thinking that I enjoy tremendous respect in this community, but not enough to have folks come out and hear me play, especially here at Godfrey’s. I’ve come to expect these meager turnouts, and I often think to myself, “You’ll miss me when I’m gone.” 


I thought about bagging the whole thing, but that thought lasted a nano-second. Of course, we are going to do this, for myself, and for those who made the effort to come out. As it turned out, we did have a good time, and it’s always fun to play these seasonal songs.


Tonight was the final Open Mike of the year, so it was important to add my songs to the mix. It was a light sign-up of players, but a full house, so we all got three songs. I got on early and got to do Cry of a Tiny Babe, Zat You, Santa Claus and Santa Assassin in front of a fairly new audience. It went over well, and I got some nice feedback from friends and new folks, too. 


What made the night special was the family of GD Open Mikers who stepped up with good songs, some seasonal tunes, along with some new folks doing good sets on stage as well. It was as close to a family night of music as it gets, with friends wishing each other a Merry Christmas as the night folded up. It restored some of my faith in my place in this community, a community that really cares about each other and respects our collective energy to create a safe haven for our art. Leon, Bill, Mike and Mike, Sam, Art, Lew. Good folks all. 


No gigs til Friday and Saturday, but some time with my kids, Rosalie and Jaimie around Christmas.