The six of us got together on Sunday night for a rehearsal for our reunion later in the month. We filtered into Hub’s studio and set up sound, piano, drums, amps, etc. and started to deal things out. It was amazing in several ways, some of which only come to mind as I write. (That’s why I write.)


We proceeded to roll through tunes we wanted to remember, tighten up, relearn, introduce, etc. (It’s been 32 years since we were tight.)


But we really know how to deal out a tune, work on the parts, arrange, recollect and pull a tune together for a major show. These guys are pros, and I got to learn from them how to be good in processing rehearsal time. Much happens naturally on stage but only because of the trust built in the studio. These guys still know how to connect in a productive session.


It was amazing that, in spite of the familiarity, or lack thereof, with chops on our instruments, we plowed through 25 songs in two or three hours. We were engaged, and it fell right back into the comfort zone we have had enjoyed as friends for 35 years. Safe, creative, supporting, artistic, open and respectful.


That’s why we remain the deep friends that we are. It was a gas to play and work on our music. My intellect and my heart were engaged for a very quick three hours.