I bid adieu to Ruth and headed for the road. I bumped into David Heitler-Klevans on my way out and thanked him for his work on getting me here, and I dropped a pencil from my crossword puzzle. A gent picked it up and, lo, it was, to my amazement, my friend from CT, Frank Pergola, a new-comer to this jamboree. I really appreciated this chance to connect with my good friend from my days in CT. We got to pass the baton between my exit and his entrance with some fine kinship and chatter. It was a great asterix for the conference for me and I headed out with a good spirit.


It was a glorious trek back to PA through some wonderful sunlit autumnal vistas, on a relatively rural route through NY and PA.


The first leg was done in silence and in reverance of the experience I had just gone through.  Part of the reflection process that I abide to.


I then put in a CD of my muse, Bruce Cockburn, and I floated back to my home on the wings of some pure creativity. It was a good trip home. Lessons from the master.


It was good to leave the conference on my own terms, though I could have enriched my connections by staying on. This experience is a mixture of sublime personal connections and broad social exhaustion.


I had a great time in the world of folk music. But it’s time for open mike at Godfreys tonight. Home.