Heavy lifting on the Friday morning when all the songwriters are recovering from late night playing. I was part of the panel to discuss how kids programming can add to a folk venue’s community viability.


It was fairly scattered, but the interested folks chipped in early with their specific issues, and the focus drifted into a more general discussion of community events. There was some great topics raised and good input all around. I was fairly silent, as we most of the ‘presenter’s present, as the discussion centered on the venues. 


Towards the end I nudged the moderator to let the panelist invited to speak up. David H-K suggested folk bring up success stories, as opposed to the woes.


I did get to encapsulate what Godfrey’s has done with its kids shows, series, sponsorship, etc. and I was able to be short and informative. I got the feeling that it addressed some of the needs of the venues that took the effort to attend the workshop. I think we all pushed the envelope further at promoting family folk music at NERFA.


Now, back to the conference, now just waking up for the day.