We had a single show at a large ‘Main Line’ ES, off of the ‘Sure Kill’ Expressway towards Philly. We’ve been here before and the contact woman guided us into the parking garage under the school. We got set up and we ready at 2 pm for the show. 


Perhaps 400 kids plus teachers were in the gym, and the show went smoothly, especially with my ‘best behavior’ attitude from Kevin and my meeting the day before. I rolled through the show, managed the crowd well and we had some fun. 


I knew it was a hip audience when I mentioned Louis Armstrong, there was some claps from the 4th graders. And, when I mentioned MoTown, the principal came up with the Commodores as a group. That’s pretty obscure for a principal. 


Traffic was a bear getting back to the LV on the Turnpike. It’s nice its open to three lanes in spots, but that meant heading home it goes back to two lanes for afternoon traffic. It felt good to do the show.