I was still feeling somewhat disconnected as I headed for my afternoon workshops. (I spent lunch with a Toys for Tots gentleman from northern California.)


The first workshop was The Ever-expanding World of Children’s Radio and TV with a panel of folks in the biz. I was interested in the program director of SiriusXM’s Kids Place Live and host of The Absolutely Mindy Show, Mindy Thomas.

She talked about her process of selection, the way she programs her shows and her selection of material. She said she actually listens to everything she gets (!!) but looks for curious and interesting songs, songs well-written and well-produced. I was eager to find out how get Playground in her hands. Well, at the end of the panel discussion, I figured out how. I walked up and gave one to her. We’ll see how that goes. It was a great opportunity to do what could be a nice bump. I have confidence that she will find some tunes she can play.


I have to figure out how to get videos produced and put on YouTube. Concerts on You Tube, Dave Fry Music apps for Ipods (DFM  channel?). Good stuff, really.


The second workshop was Creating Gig, Getting Gigs, and More! It was pretty much a rehash of everything I know, but wish I had an agent to do for me. Libraries, schools, festivals, home school conventions, house concerts, parks and recreation, event planners at resorts, etc. It still boils down to marketing. No great revelations here.


Off to dinner. I have met some folks I know in the biz, as well as some folks who have some fine reputations as well. It’s nice to be amongst these folks.