I was glad that I hadn’t stayed up late night on Saturday, though I’m sure I missed a great opportunity to connect with many of the CMN folks in an informal way. I did meet with folks at breakfast who said they liked Giants the night before, often saying, “They’re big, they’re bad…” That was a cool nod to the effect that one song had on introducing me to all these folks.


The workshop I attended was on Early Childhood Music and the room slowly filled up folks, mostly women, who did a song. There were some great songs with some deep learning and informed techniques. I was impressed with the material and skills of these folks, and I have a list of new stuff to work on, with some research and distillation.


I was ready to do Peanut Butter and Jelly, but, seeing I was on the increasingly far end of the circle, I was growing more frustrated that I might not even get the opportunity to do it, especially in front of my peers. I internally did a slow fume when the chatter, the introductions, humorous replies and general good nature of the participants started to encroach on my second chance to do my stuff.


I ended up doing the stripped down, speeded up version to the 40% of folks left after time ran out. I did mention that I would give out PB CD’s to folks, if they came up during lunch. I ended up giving away quite a few to many grateful folks, so that was all to the good.


I did have a turn around later that helped me resolve my ego-centric attitude that, upon reflection, surprised me.