Wednesday’s 1 pm RockRoots was at the Quaker school in Bucks County, PA. It’s a fairly well-to-do county, and I was sure this would be a very hip and responsive school to play for. In fact, as I reported in at the main office, I said, “Peace, Love and Rock and Roll.” They got the nudge. 


It’s still summer on this later September afternoon, so I was into my sweat mode. We set up in the Arts Building on a somewhat uncertain stage (hmmm, plywood….) and we were tasked to do the 40 minute show (be done by 1:45). By golly, we can do this, by nipping and tucking here and there. It’s a credit to the crew that they can anticipate and communicate where we do ‘the tighten-up’ on the fly. 


The music teacher came up on Walkin’ Blues, and played a fine lead. These are some great moments for the school community to witness the talent of one of their own, on stage, in the moment. Mr. Cox knocked it out of the park. 


I do feel the effort expended on these gigs: travel and traffic, set up and break down and, of course, the energy expended  performing the show. It’s part of the reason why I value my downtime away from the public.