I wound up my fabulous freebie tour of the Fair with an afternoon show on the Centennial Stage. Again, the sound was great and a nice crowd gathered of new folks and some familiar faces. I was surprised that folks came out to take in the whole set, and others took a chance to see me for the first time. I did take some people by surprise, including the lady who booked me.


Two twin girls Amy and Alena returned with their grandmother, having seen me for the first time at Musikfest. They had played Thunder Tubes with me then, so I asked if they would come up again for Giants. They were excited to do so. It was our little secret, but I also knew they would be great theater for this audience.


I led off with the request for The Cat Came Back. It’s always a treat to play and the school verses I’ve been doing recently sound brand new to old ears. Blend the old favorites with new shades….


Amy and Alena came up and we knocked Giants out of the park. I also got the handful of kids to come up on stage for Tutti Tah and Knockin’, again it was great to share the stage with kids. I did well to hold the audience for as long as I did, especially in Fair situation – so many things to see.


Even though I didn’t get paid for these three shows, it was worth it in performing energy and folk karma. I did sell $65 worth of CD’s but I good mileage on FaceBook, especially with the Pig Dive, the Elephant Show and the Demolition Derby on the days I played.


I guess I’ll do it again next year.