Apparently, these sessions are becoming a hot rumor on the acoustic music scene in CT. Ron’s friends are all wondering how to get invited to them. That’s kinda cool, having been kicked out of the Nutmeg State several years ago. I suggested charging $15, but that was quashed immediately. I’m such a capitalist.


Ron, Frank, Lou and myself (and Suz) gathered around the kitchen table for a tune swap jam pizza beer dog session. I realized though, that it is really an excuse for a gab session, political dodge ball game, and catch-up opportunity with some very good friends. But of course.


Ron continues to amaze us with his bottomless supply of solid original songs, all quite a challenge to play along with (no three chord wonders… and that’s good). And we all marvel at his guitar style (pick AND two fingers!) Frank brings his mandolin and guitar and a raft of traditional and fine pop songs (a nice Paul Simon tune this time), Lou loves puzzling out the bass to what we toss around, and I get to play the songs I care about, with room for my pals to play lead on. It is an evening of some deep communication amongst true friends, and it is a rarefied atmosphere that I would drive to CT and back to experience.


Frank has run a community series of Frank and Friends, supporting his pals at a commercial venue at the Huntington Cafe. It has run it’s course due to the venue’s alcohol (tough to control the listening atmosphere). Lou runs a really high quality house concert in his amazing home. Talk surfaced tonight about adding a new element to Lou’s venue (home) with an approximation of these kitchen sessions.


I’d love to do it, especially with my recent ‘success’ with Dave’s Night Out. I think there is a place for an intimate session, (with paying audience!!!), of friends sharing music (and thoughts) with each other, and with an intelligent and intellectually curious audience. Both Lou and Frank are interested, and I hoped Lou and Frank might expand on this idea with other musicians.


The end to a fine day in CT.