I had a library family night booked back in CT at the North Haven Library on Monday. I love Monday gigs, and will exhaust myself to do them. I did.


Not far from my old haunts, I’ve done this outdoor site at this library for several years, and recognized some faces. Also thrown in the mix was Frank, a good picking pal, who came on down to take in my family show. I know he is familiar with my adult stuff, so I was glad to show him the ‘money-making’ version of my profession self. My daughter Rosalie and her new beau Cory showed up later in the gig, but, by then, I was focused on the kids in front of me.


I introduced the Bag of Noses, a bunch of foam clown noses, and used them to set the stage before the gig. As families arrived, I asked the kids to come up and grab a nose for DAD. And they did. It’s no surprise that the dads are the least engaged at these family gigs, and it turned out to be a great device to level the performance arena. And the dads stepped up to be their goofy old selves.


The gig involved a full day of travel in the car, feeding my kids in Milford (fruit run at Costco), late night return to Fourth Street and a slow Tuesday recovering, gas and tolls. But it beats not working. Really.