It was a Father’s Day brunch at Shankara, so I volunteered to play for the second week in a row. Again, hardly anybody in the house until 12:30, so I played for myself and the staff, for the most part. That’s all okay cause I’m doing it for myself, for practice and for exercise, both mental and finger.


When some folks came in, they applauded after each song, and it seems so wrong. I had become accustomed to the silence following each tune.


Again, I played really strong and worked on the tunes that needed work.


I got a $20 tip from one of the Yoga instructors, packed up my vegan meal to go and headed out to meet up with my son, Jaimie, for a Father’s Day Meat Fest at the Buckeye Tavern. It was a great visit. One of the better Father’s Days I’ve had in quite a while.